Records Reviewing/Auditing


Records Reviewing / Auditing

TTAC provides detail-oriented experience in aircraft records and transitions during our records audit. Reviews verify and record the current times for the aircraft, engines, landing gear, inspection packages and all critical components. We cover all areas of records which include, not limited to:

  • Maintenance Program Evaluation – last done/next due verification
  • Bridging from AMP and MPD programs into approved operator AMP
  • Airworthiness Directive (AD) – assessment for compliance and effectivity
  • Back to birth trace documentation for life limited components / Engines, APU, Gear, Airframe
  • Time Controlled Component – assess for time remaining until next required event and certification compliance
  • Mandatory Service Bulletins (SBs) / Modifications
  • On Condition/Condition Monitored Component - certification verification
  • STC – data compliance and certification evaluation
  • Structural Repairs – assess all repairs for SRM compliance and or non-SRM data approval

Reviews are completed in accordance with the Operator’s Approved Maintenance Program or OEM recommendations, as required by each customer. Audits include full spreadsheet cross-check of documents and a delivery data package, supplied via TTA electronic data transfer/storage system, or uploaded to any customer specified site. Hard copy records are dispositioned and catalogued as requested.